A young couple have just had their 3rd baby. She is a beautiful little girl named Capucine with the creative help of older siblings. It illuminates the life of the family like a ray of sunshine. But like Christelle, her mother, Capucine was born without hair :) ...

One autumn morning, Capucine wearing little white pants and a pretty gray Cyrillus sweater, she is going for a little walk in the Parc de Sceaux with mom. On board his pink-purple Cybex stroller, a third age man stopped, fell in love with this beautiful baby. He exclaims, "What a pretty face! is it a girl or a boy? ". After a friendly conversation as there is often in parks between complete strangers, the question aroused a beautiful reflection that Christelle hastened to share with Roger, her husband.

How to allow parents who wish to differentiate their daughter from a boy without ear piercing or a dress / skirt? The idea of ​​the small turbans already known by the couple during a stay in Canada, sprouted as a nice solution to this need.

With Capucine in her arms, the name BABYONTOP was obvious. Born from the determination of a couple, the brand is a reflection of its founder - full of resources and surprise.

Extending its expertise to little boys and other items in this universe, the brand keeps the promise to always amaze its growing clientele.


Our adventure cannot be done without the help of men and women committed to giving the best to our customers. This quality commitment is made with very strong eco-responsible roots.

Our products are thought out and designed to last and to be passed on to the little sister, or the little godchild who is arriving. The sizes M (1 to 5 years) or TU (from 6 years) allow the items to be kept for a long period of time (if the care instructions are followed).