5 Things To Know About Being A New Mother In The New Year (During These Crazy Times)

In 2020, Mbappe got coronavirus and broke his leg. Donald Trump was threatened to be impeached like 30 times. Not to mention that many new mothers had to bring their baby into a crazy, vaccine and mask-obsessed world.


So what 5 tips can Baby on Top offer to new mothers to stay sane and balanced, so you can give your little one all the care, love and attention they need?


Take care of yourself

How can you provide your child the care, support, and stability they need if you’re not supporting yourself? We know the terrible constraints of trying to be a super parent. During these times of Covid-19, it can seem difficult just getting out of bed some days. Do your family a favor and take the time to nurture your physical, mental and spiritual health. They will thank you for it.


prenez soin de vous


Trust yourself

Second guessing yourself can be a silent killer sometimes. Now, don’t get us wrong. From time to time, you want to explore the best routes to come to the best decision. But sometimes as mothers, we lose faith and confidence in ourselves. Trust yourself and that your intentions and efforts are in the right direction.


It’s okay to be tired

Especially during these times where you just want to hide from the news for like a million days until all this crazy Covid messiness is over, it can make a new OR a seasoned mother very… very tired. We want to tell you it's okay to be tired, and it's very normal. Try fitting in naps during gaps where your child is at daycare or out with Dad or the grandparents. But don’t take too long of a nap, you could have trouble getting to sleep at night. If you have problems getting a good night’s rest, maybe try herbal all natural remedies to help you sleep.



We get it. You have to get up early, prepare lunches, take the baby to pre-school, get home and either log on to what seems like 30 Zoom meetings for work… or if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you have lots of chores to do. It can seem like meditation seems like some luxury only rich people with too much time on their hands can do. But your blood pressure and your baby will thank you for meditating for just 20 minutes a day, Check out the Headspace app, it’s great for integrating meditation into your everyday routine.




Take it one step at time

Lastly, just take everything one step at a time. One day at a time. Rome wasn’t built overnight and it wasn’t built during the times of this pandemic. Strive for perfection if it’s your thing, but allow yourself some compassion, there is no need to be perfect.


un pas à la fois


Your friends at Baby On Top ❤️



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