12 Turbans for 12 Zodiac Signs For Your Baby

Wondering which new special accessory you should choose for your child? Which turban will match the personality of your special little girl (or boy) best? (and the styles are also available as headbands)

We decided to present you 12 turbans styles custom-picked for each zodiac sign!


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Your princess seems to have come out of the womb marching to her own beat. The other little girls are having tea parties, while your creative miss is running a science experiment with her crayons and Play-Dough. She’s an air sign, so she goes with the flow and could be totally interested in one thing one day and utterly bored with it the next day. That’s why this tye-die turban will keep her bright and colorful so she can keep being her awesome lively self.


Your water sign mademoiselle is inquisitive, analytical, and bright. She is also paradoxically relaxed, positive and down-to-earth. She doesn’t mind outrunning the boys on the playground but then playing dress-up in Mummy’s closet. She’s a girly-girl who likes being sporty. With this lightweight peach-colored turban, she can be cute and keep playing.


Your princess is WONDER WOMAN. Literally. She can count her 1,2,3’s, and at the same time balance her fruit box on her forehead, all while telling you a joke about pink dolphins that makes you laugh until your sides hurt. She is focused and determined because she’s bursting with the fire sign energy of the sun. But she also has a sensitive side and never wants to see anyone sad. This turban is the perfect accessory for your little angel who has a little fire-power!

Always courteous, respectful, and pleasant, your earth sign little girl also is traditional, structured, and likes things that are simple and classic. She likes to be practical, but that doesn’t mean boring. With this jersey fabric that’s soft and warm, she can stay warm, practical, AND CUTE all at the same time.

She’s an air sign and she honestly gets bored a little easily. It’s not her fault. You weren’t entertaining her enough. She is girly but sporty. She is artsy but likes math. She never dresses her dolls in the same clothing ensemble twice. Her teachers tell you that she’s intelligent, that she makes the class laugh and that she has great ideas (but she can maybe focus a bit more!). In this pink velour turban, she’ll never get bored ;-)


Sensitive is the word to describe your princess. She enjoys being cozy at home with family more than anything. She is a water sign so she finds her comfort in the home. This is the perfect turban for her to stay warm and relax in at home or out on the town. It’s classic, simple, and still adorable… just like her.

Your little princess (or prince) is the queen (or king) of their little jungle! This turban was practically made for them. Hello?! The word Leo is in the name. Your child will definitely love that since they will never turn down the chance for some compliments. Since your fire sign child is creative, bold, and adventurous, they will love this print turban.



She organizes her shirts in oranges, pinks, blues, purples, greens, dots, stripes, and florals all by herself. You are surprised to find that when she gets home from school, her assignments are arranged perfectly in her backpack. You just adore her because she’s so smart and respectful. All her friends from the neighborhood see her as the “glue” that keeps the “princess pack” in the neighborhood together. She’s an earth sign, so she’s practical, but her ruling planet being Mercury makes her so surprisingly pleasant to be around. This terracotta colored turban will make her feel like the little graceful lady that she is.



Oh Libra, Libra, Libra princess. Your child is an air sign and ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Since she’s an air sign, she is so calm and “go-with-the-flow”. So she has this dreamy quality about her and she is so balanced: the perfect combination of funny and practical. That’s why this white bun turban with peach stripes would be perfect for her. It’s white and pure, but the sailor-styled peach colored stripes add that Libra element of dreaminess.



Your little Scorpio seemed to have come from the hospital in their first days of birth holding some serious power. Your petite scorpion is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so they are layered and intense. If you look in their big beautiful eyes, you feel compelled to give them whatever they want, it’s almost magnetic, their captivating spirit. On the playground, they have so much energy that you wonder if they were served an entree consisting of only candy and sugar at school. But no. That’s just their energy, they’ve got tons of it. The Baby On Top© Dulce turban is colorful, dynamic, and captivating just like your awesome scorpio!



Your sagittarius child is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. That means that their fire energy makes them larger than life. The ruling planet of Jupiter makes them so wise. In fact, their wisdom and intellect surprises everyone you encounter because of their young age. Your little centaur is a thinker, so many brilliant ideas are swirling through that head of theirs. This turban is perfect for them.



Last but not least, our favorite petite Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and an earth sign, which makes them wise and very patient. Your little angel will organize and perfect their castle in the sand until it’s exactly the way they want. Practical, steadfast, and motivated, this turban is the perfect simple accessory with just a splash of color for your water sign child.





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